Acrylic Trophies Make an Outstanding Recognition Award

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An acrylic trophy is a great recognition award and alternative to the traditional glass, or crystal trophy. Acrylics can be molded into a variety of forms and sizes they usually are clear but can come in a number of colors including blue jade and reds for stunning effects. The most common styles are clear rectangular "Billboards", star shapes, circles, and pyramids. The edges can be smooth or jagged for a wide range of effects. They can be made to appear to be ice that is melting or smooth as a frozen lake  resin animal molds

They can be are often laser engraved with corporate logos and artwork and personalized with the name of the recipient and reason for the recognition . They are also used in awards ceremonies for many organizations. Acrylic trophies also make great trophies for sports teams and come in a verity of figures for each sport. The acrylic figure is usually mounted on a wood base with an engraved brass plate attached.

Many corporations will often create custom promotional items shaped like their products.

They have their logo engraved on them and offer them to promote there business.

Acrylic trophies and awards are manufactured by pouring acrylic casting resin into a mold. The resin will harden and the mold is taken off reviling the award.

For a very unusual and eye catching piece the acrylic trophy cam have an item embedded into the resin. Many materials can be placed in an embodiments - paper, metal, acetate sheets, company logo or product etc. This creates the effect of an item floating within the acrylic statue.

As you can see acrylic's can make beautiful awards and trophies for sports corporation recognition awards and true works of art. With modern acrylic's you are only limited by your imagination